Saturday, February 28, 2009

Creepy Chenille Halloween Ornaments

NEW on eBay my NEW 2009 Creepy Chenille ornaments Haunted little girl and "Witches Brew". My Creepy Chenille's are hand sculpted and painted...their fun little bodies are made out of Chenille Stem. No two Ornaments will be the same because I HAND sculpt each one (No molds are ever used in my art). They are between 3-4 1/2" tall. The piece is signed and dated 2009 by me, Miniature artist Pat Benedict. Collect them all for your own Funky Tree.
Next week I will be offering a Creepy Chenille ornament "Blog Giveaway" ....I just LOVE giveaways!!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Son's Art and creative challenge

I love my adult kid’s art! I’m so lucky that my children are creative and share their works with me. This work is from Kenny my 24-year-old son. Kenny lives in Austin, TX. And work for Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft). Kenny likes to draw funny creepy demented characters. I really like this pieces he has on Deviant Art ...”Prisoners of the Boogeyman”

Kenny thought I might enjoy a little creative challenge though his work. The challenge was to send your interpretation of what I think “The Lich King” would look like. I had NO idea the definition of Lich meant sooo I googled the word and it’s some thing about the undead. I sculpted a miniature bust of my vision of “The Lich King.” He is not a regal king, he is more a mystical king (No crown needed). I had fun sculpting this creepy dude! Now it’s back to sculpting a NEW miniature for eBay.

Thank you Kenny for keeping you 50 years old Mom challenged!
Love YOU!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

NEW Haunted Miniature on eBay

I first started creating my Haunted Witch brooms in 2006 and they were features in "International Doll Collectors Magazine" Oct/Nov 06....I still LOVE sculpting my little haunted brooms! Here is my NEW broom set "Run little broom, RUN!!!" My Haunted brooms are hand sculpted over a REAL tree branch. The Haunted broom is then Hand painted and stand only 4" tall, and the little broom is only 2" tall.
I just love the witch mask!
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2009 Halloween Garden plans

Black Bat Flower

Queen Red Lime Zinnia
I’m going to try a Halloween garden AGAIN this year. Last year my garden was looking great then we adopted our Black lab puppy Elvira and she destroyed each plant!
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This year I hope Elvira will learn to stay out of the garden (She is very smart). I have ordered some NEW Zinnia’s from “Queen Red Lime” they are really cool. I want to add a couple of “Black Bat Flowers” but they are really expensive 16.95 each. I’ll keep everyone posted on how the Halloween garden designing goes.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Kitchen Witch with her Spooky Cauldron

I finally finished Teri’s special eBay auction order. She wanted a witch for her kitchen with a little mouse and frog. I had this really cool old cauldron sooooooo I created the witch cooking from her cauldron with the frog jumping over the cauldron and a mouse at the bottom. I created a fun bubbling effect with liquid sculpty, green and clear tiny glass marbles . . . I added a small battery operated flicker tea light for a GREAT fun witchy effect!
This was soooo much fun to design and sculpt!
Off to the studio to finish up some goodies for this weeks eBay auctions.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This weeks eBay auctions Haunted & Witchy

I'm just loving creating in my studio when it's warm and sunny!
This week I created a very unique Haunted Jewelry/trinket box and a pumpkin pie witch ornament. This Friday I will be listing a special one of a kind piece just for "Spooky time jingle" go to Friday February 13th to see all the NEW goodies from all the spooky time jingle artist!

I'll be back in the studio the rest of the week finishing up the eBay auction Kitchen Witch for my friend Teri.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Calling all creative writers!

My first Monster for the monster poem book... #1 Skeleton with Rotten teeth

Calling all creative writers! I have a monster of a problem! I'm creating a monster poetry book and I need your poems. They need to be original and fun! They can contain adult humor and gore, but please keep it to a minimum (for the sake of small readers).

I will post a photo on my blog of one of my monsters with a little description about the piece...then you can post your poems on my blog or email them to me at attn: monster poem (please include the monster number). The deadline for all poems will be May 1, 2009. The winning poems will receive author credit in the published book. Please note that I will retain the rights to the book.
I will have a group of judges to help select the poems for the book. Also, the winning writers will have to sign some legal documents before I can publish your poem (I just hate legal crap). I hope to have the book published before/around Halloween 2009. Good luck!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

NEW fun Blog design!

Thanks to Annette from Huckleberry Arts I have a new fun blog design! Annette is GREAT to work with and soooo creative! You can find Annette’s link at the bottom of my blog (A Cute black cat) logo.
I have also joined a fun group of artist and will start selling a very special One of a kind piece on SpookyTimeJingles this February 13, 2009. Check out the STJ link on my blog for more information about this fun site!
Off to the studio!!!
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

And the winner is......

J Lewis

You won the Creepy Pink Skeleton Ornament
a BIG Thank you to all who posted on my First Blog giveaway!
I'll be having another giveaway this spring!

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