Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to give everyone an update.

As some of you know I had a Hysterectomy Monday, April 6th . . . I have found out I LOVE DRUGS!!!! I'm home now but per the Dr. request I cannot go up and down steps for 3-4 day . . . so I will not be creating this week. I had requested my wonderful Dr. Veligati to save my ovaries BUT she couldn't so I'm into a full-blown menopause, and wearing an estrogen patch. I'm under a 6-week recovery and will take things very slowly . . . my wonderful husband Gan will be helping out and so will my daughter Annie sooo I'm under great care!

Have a wonderful Easter!!!

Bugs & Hisses


P.S. Thank you everyone who sent us email about the passing of our wonderful dog Lucy...we really miss her!


essie said...


Listen to the Doc's advice!!!
Let your family take good care of you and enjoy it as long as they it lasts hehehehe.
I hope you feel well very soon.


ps everybody loves Poppy the witch!

Jodi said...

Well Goodness Gracious Patty...I knew nothing of your pending operation...but now that it is over I am so happy that all went well... Full Blown Menopause huh...isn't it fun and exciting!!!! NOT..... Remember... Drugs are our friends in these enjoy them and 'work with your drugs' till you are right as rain...
Rest easy my friend...take Care...
Always here if you need to chat...
Big Hugs,


Designs By CK said...

Hi Patty ~ I had no idea and glad all went well. Take it easy and you'll be back to your old self in a JIFFY!

Have a great Easter!

Chris (-:

Georgina said...


Take care of yourself and take full advantage of all that great help...try to stretch as long as you can. As for menopause, whether you loose your "junk" or it comes on naturally, it's still a bitch...bleh!

~dani~ said...

Thinking of you my dear. Thank the Lord above for Gan and the wonders of pharmaceuticals!!!

Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

Been there, done that! Don't jump back into everything too soon! Do what your good doctor tells you! As for menopause, don't believe everything you read and hear! Let your body go with the flow and you'll do fine! Get well quickly! You'll be back creating in no time!

magikalseasons said...

I wish you a speedy recovery!

Jean Day said...

I hope you feel really great soon!

Caroline said...

Sending wishes of good health and comfort to you :)