Monday, April 28, 2008

One Day at a Time

We can't change the past-
But we can gather up
Its lessons and move on,
Stronger and wiser.

We can't control the future-
But we can send our dreams
Ahead of us
To help prepare the way.

We can live each moment,
Heart and soul,
And cherish this day's
Greatest gift-
The gift of now.

May peace with the past
And faith in the future
Gently guide you
Through each precious
Moment of today.

**Author Unknown**

I have been back in Colorado helping my parents while my Dad is recovering from a month long traumatic illness. While helping Dad my wonderful Sister-in-law suffered a Brain Aneurysm and was life flighted to a Denver Hospital. The surgery was a success BUT she will have weeks of rehabilitation.

Huge your kids and family and be thankful for every day you have with them!

Bugs & Hisses

P.S. Dad was losing his hair soooo I buzzed his head! My brother Rich put his Elvis mask on Dad's head...Dad is "The King"!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Here she is "Ivonette"

My little Haunted miniature will be listed tonight on eBay.
Have a GREAT weeknd!
Bugs & Hisses

Work in progress and Creative conflicts

Work in progress & Creative conflicts

I thought I would post a photo of my new piece I’m working on, I hope to have her listed on eBay late tonight or tomorrow. A fellow artist Idy Youngblood gave me a wonderful inspirational book “The Family of Man” full of GREAT photographic faces . . . I’m so inspired!
Thank you Idy!!!!

I have been struggling for the past few weeks with my creative spirit. My father has been sick and I’ll be heading out to Colorado soon. My sister Shelley has been in Colorado helping my Dad the past two weeks.

My conflict with an artist co-op member has forced me to quit the co-op.It really crushed me BUT I don’t want to drag the co-op down with negative conflicts between two artists. Continuous conflict just drags down my creative spirit and life is to short... So I’m back being a “Happy Hermit!” The co-op will be great and I’ll miss the other wonderful artists who are working so hard to bring this to the downtown Saint Joseph’s community.
I wish them MUCH success!

Off to the studio!
Bugs & Hisses

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Cousin on a NEW reality show!!!

HEY!! My cousin Karen "Doc" Halligan will be on a NEW reality show "Groomer has it" on the Animal planet. Karen will be a Judge! Congrats Karen!! I'll be watching!

Bugs & Hisses

April 20, 2008 Creative Challenge on eBay

Mark your calendar for April 20,2008!!
The Halloween artist in EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artist Group) will celebrate it's second Anniversary on eBay with a FUN creative Challenge named "Fool-O-Ween" a play off "April Fool's Day".

Watch for Fun One of a kind Halloween art, April 20th exclusively on eBay!

For more information about joining EHAG please email us at

Bugs & Hisses