Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Miss Havisham Dollhouse Miniature art doll By Pat Benedict

She was dressed in rich materials — satins, and lace, and silks — all of white. Her shoes were white. And she had a long white veil dependent from her hair, and she had bridal flowers in her hair, but her hair was white. Some bright jewels sparkled on her neck and on her hands, and some other jewels lay sparkling on the table. Dresses, less splendid than the dress she wore, and half-packed trunks were scattered about. She had not quite finished dressing, for she had but one shoe on — the other was on the table near her hand — her veil was half arranged, her watch and chain were not put on, and some lace for her bosom lay with those trinkets and with her handkerchief, and gloves, and some flowers, and a prayer-book, all confusedly heaped about the looking-glass. It was not in the first moments that I saw all these things, though I saw more of them in the first moments than might be supposed. But, I saw that everything within my view which ought to be white, had been white long ago, and had lost its luster, and was faded and yellow. I saw that the bride within the bridal dress had withered like the dress, and like the flowers, and had no brightness left but the brightness of her sunken eyes. I saw that the dress had been put upon the rounded figure of a young woman, and that the figure upon which it now hung loose, had shrunk to skin and bone. Once, I had been taken to see some ghastly wax-work at the Fair, representing I know not what impossible personage lying in state. Once, I had been taken to one of our old marsh churches to see a skeleton in the ashes of a rich dress, that had been dug out of a vault under the church pavement. Now wax-work and skeleton seemed to have dark eyes that moved and looked at me. I should have cried out, if I could. Pip from Charles Dickens Great Expectations I love the movie Great Exceptions and this is my interpretation of Miss Havisham This is my new Miniature designed for a 1:12 1'=1" miniature scale. Miss Havisham is dresses in vintage satin and lace with hand sewn glass beads.The total piece sitting is a little under 4 1/2" and she can be removed from her chair. You can gently pose her but she is designed to sit also she has only one shoe on (as described in the story) I love her faraway look in her eyes and her unkempt ringlet hair. This piece is OOAK (One of a kind) numbered 1/1 and signed by me. Happy Holidays! As with all my creation they are hand sculpted , painted and will be signed and dated.

Monday, November 14, 2011

On eBay tonight Winter Witch with Spectral horse

It feels GREAT to be back to my old wicked self and  sculpting what I truly love . . .  Witches.
This is my new Haunted Miniature (could fit into a 1:12 1'=1" miniature scale...it’s a fantasy sculpt) I found this wonderful vintage cast-iron black sled. I created a winter witch riding in the sled holding the reins of her black Spectral horse. The sled is 8" long 5" tall and almost 3" wide. The total length with the spectra horse is 13". The winter witch’s  clothes are created  from a vintage Victorian black dress other vintage fabrics. I really love the way she turned out!
This piece is OOAK (One of a kind) numbered 1/1 and signed by me.
Happy Holidays!