Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Fun full size Artist Top Hat starts on eBay tonight!


The whole creative design of this Top Hat stared out with a vintage Mele jewelry Music box that has a dancing ballerina. I knew I wanted to create something very different using the music component and the dancing ballerina. I panted a one size fits all hard sturdy felt top hat gold, then I added the jewelry box vintage lining and the musical box . . . I LOVE the way it all turned out! And the Ballerina really dances.

This one of a kind (OOAK) top Hat would be great for a Mad Hatters Tea Party, Victorian, Steampunk, gothic or Halloween Ball! I have created a special liner for the inside of the top hat so it just fits on the top of your head . . . you wind the music box from inside the top Hat.

I had to call my Mother in Colorado to have her listen to the music box, the music is very cool and she determined it was “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” written for the 1934 film “Moulin Rouge” . . . it’s not to be confused with the Green Day song. Thanks Mom!

The Hat is almost 12" tall and 12" long, created on a generic One size fits all black Top Hat.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ericka's Amazing - Mind-Boggling Miniatures!!!

My friend and Amazing Miniature artist Ericka  has some  new items up for sale on her web page.

Telescopes, Orreries, Dragon Bottles, and Fancy Gear Books.  You can view them on this page:

Or visit her link on my Blog under Great Websites

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

OMG!!! A New Bottle for my Halloween bottle collection "True Blood"

WOW! I'm soooo Happy! I purchased a bottle of "True Blood"  O Positive today at Hastings for $4.99! It's soooo cool!  It will be a GREAT addition to my Halloween Bottle collection!
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It's Vintage Black Friday!!!

This month I have  one of my favorite  vintage pieces...wooden Black Cat bookends.
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Have a great weekend
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