Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My new Miniature "Madame Vampyr" on eBay

Meet "Madame Vampyr"

Madame is all hand sculpted and painted by me Haunted miniature artist Pat Benedict...Woopitydooart. Her spooky dress is created out of vintage lace. She stand only 5"tall... She is designed to be displayed in her 6" casket. Madame Vampyr would be great for your 1:12 (1" = 1') Haunted dollhouse or for your Halloween Vampire collection.

This fun little piece is a true One of a kind and will never be recreated and is signed by me miniature artist Pat Benedict, Woopitydooart.

I never use molds of make molds of my art. I HAND sculpt every tiny wrinkle and hand paint the details.

Auction starts tonight June 30th and ends Sunday July 5,2009

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Monday, June 29, 2009

New Vampire T-shirt at Target

Just added this wonderful $9.99 "I(Heart)Love Vampires" T-shirt to my Collection.
I'm an Old School Vampire Girl! I have enjoyed Vampire flicks and TV shows for a LONG time....Barnabas Collins in "Dark Shadows", I LOVED Spike and Drusilla in "Buffy the Vampire slayer" TV show, "The lost Boys" 1987 movie, The Bloodthirsty Vampires in "30 Days of Nights" and the Classic 1931 movie "Dracula".
Are you a Vampire Lover?

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Back from Colorado!

Happy Monday!
I have been gone for a week to Colorado helping my Dad after his hip operation. When I arrived back, home Saturday, the garden was a mess!!!!! So I worked all day Sunday weeding the garden and cleaning the house!!! In the late afternoon we gave our dogs Lillian and Elvira a much needed BATH!!!!! Then I needed a bath!
Here is a photo of us girls CLEAN . . . I’m wearing my favorite Witch Pajamas “Witch’s Broom Cafe” I bought a Target last Halloween.

Off to my Halloween Studio to Create some NEW Halloween goodies!
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Herbivore the Veggie Witch with her SCARED veggies!

This weeks eBay Auction:

Herbivore the Veggie Witch. Herbivore and her scared veggies are all hand sculpted and painted by me Haunted miniature artist Pat Benedict...Woopitydooart. She stand only 5 1/2" tall (You might need some miniature wax to support her) She would be great for your 1:12 (1" = 1') Haunted dollhouse or for your Halloween Witch collection

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pixar Short film...Partly Cloudy!

Pixars new little short film "Partly Cloudy" won my creative heart! It answers the question...Where do "Dangerous" babies come from? The lonely and insecure gray cloud Gus, creates baby Crocodiles, Porcupines and more- BUT his delivery stork partner Peck has problems handling the Hazardous cargo!
I related to this wonderful story because I create just spooky and creepy characters in the land of pretty and fairy characters.
I'm a Gus! and I LOVE IT!!!
Go to http://www.pixar.com/shorts/pc/index.html and check out this wounderful little short film!
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Friday, June 12, 2009

SpookyTime Jingles update tonight at 12AM

Here are my goodies for the STJ update...A Mummy Halloween ornament, The Green Beast and The Demon Divas (Sold as a set)
Have a great weekend!!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Ghostly Dinner"

Happy creative Monday!
After a wonderful weekend with my husband Gan, I’m ready to get back to work! We went to Haunted Atchison Kansas for “the Ghostly Dinner” No ghosts but had a nice time with my friend Sylvia and Sunny her husband. Here is a photo . . . husband Gan in Green, me in the orange, Sylvia in black and Sunny
Off to the Studio!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

eBay pricing mistake

Hi All
I just wanted to let you all know, I messed up my "Corpse Couple" auction price!!! It was to be a 5 day auction starting tonight at $49.99...I used an old auction template forgot to change the pricing and it sold for a "Buy it NOW" for $49.99!!!!
I'm just sick about it...BUT Live and learn!

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Corpse Couple Halloween creepy chenille Ornament

Starts tonight on eBay ends Monday night 6/8/09

My fun NEW 2009 Creepy Chenille "Eternal Love" The happy corpse couple comes with their own special designed coffin. The corpse couple fun little bodies are made out of Chenille Stem. No two Ornaments will be the same because I HAND sculpt each one (No molds are ever used in my art). They are between 3-4 1/2" tall. The piece is signed and dated 2009 by me, Miniature artist Pat Benedict...Woopitydooart. Collect them all for your own Funky Tree.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Cousin Doc Halligan on AP "Groomer Has It"

My cousin Karen is a Shelter vet and is also a judge on the Animal Planet's show "Groomer Has it". She posted this on the shows blog...PLEASE adopt your pets from your local shelters!
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Doc Halligan Blogs: Ep. 8 - Rescue Me
I may be biased but this was my favorite episode so far! It was also nice for a change not to have to send anyone home. I was really touched by all of the groomers, because although it was edited out, they all got very emotional visiting the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles (spcaLA). Shelter animals can do that to you!

I have been a shelter vet for ten years now and I’m extremely proud to be part of such an amazing organization, which was started in 1877, whose mission statement is to be a voice for the animals. Every year, roughly 4 million animals are euthanized in our county because there are not enough homes, so please check out your local shelters because I can guarantee you there are some wonderful four-legged creatures just waiting for someone to take them home and become your friend for life.

I also want to take the opportunity to clear up a huge misconception with regards to donations. I think it can best be clarified if I quote my boss Madeline Bernstein, who is the president of spcaLA and said in a statement from this past April regarding an aggressively targeted Los Angeles marketing campaign from the ASPCA in New York. “There are many who mistakenly believe that aspca is an umbrella organization that channels funds to spcas across the country. This has never been the case and spcas all over the United States have to work constantly to make this clear. This is a matter of survival. Without funds, spcaLA and other spcas would not be able to serve the communities which they represent. The recent series of television commercials focusing on shelter animals is particularly successful in diverting funds from your spcaLA and other spcas in the surrounding area. Such national advertising can be misleading to the donors who often generously give under the impression that the funds will return to their home state or community, as is the case for many national charity models. But again, there is no national spca that distributes donations. Sadly, local animals are simply deprived of these funds.”

So if you really want to help animals in your community seek out your local spca. Please help spread the word to other pet lovers because in these hard economic times, non-profit agencies like the spcaLA are funded solely by donations and all of them have been hit hard due to the economy. Plus, there has been a 30% increase in animals being turned into the shelters across the country.

These shelter animals deserve a second chance at life and by volunteering or donating you can really make a big difference. If you want to follow the spcaLA you can do so on Twitter or Myspace and be sure to visit our website at www.spcaLA.com!

And kudos to all the two- and four-legged rescue workers who have made such a difference and have such a demanding job both physically and emotionally! It was truly an honor to work with Michael and hear his amazing story. Okay, I am getting emotional again so I will end with that but will talk with you all next week!

Thanks so much!

Doc Halligan
Director of Veterinary Services

Monday, June 1, 2009