Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first Blog giveaway...Win this Creepy Valentine

My first blog giveaway

Happy Creepy Valentines day!
How do I win this One of a kind Pink skeleton creepy little ornament? It’s simple . . . you do not need a blog to enter, just leave a comment on this post. Check back February 1, 2009 to see if you won!

The winner will receive this pink skeleton wearing her tiara and holding skeleton heart.

Bugs & Hisses


Designs by CK said...

TOO cute Patty!!!

Pick ME!!! '-P)


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully creepy, Patty! Love your blogspot. I will check back often. By the way, a little late, but Happy 50th birthday!!!!!! I turned 50 last year in March and it didn't hurt a bit.
Light and Shadow Studio

Anonymous said...

That is just about the cutest skelly I have ever seen! I would love to add it to my creepy collection! As always your work is full of amazing creativity! Have a Bootiful Day!

Angie Peterson

queenofdogs said...

Happy Valentine's day!!! Tiara and all!!!

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Oh pleeeze put my name in the drawing - she is creepy cute!

I am Totally going to Target for that t-shir by the way - AND the stamps are on my shopping list too - great info.
Thanks Patty

RobertaM said...

Hi Patty,
I love your blog and I'm crazy about your studio. Will you be selling your art from this site or Ebay?

What a cute Valentine ornament - Eric has his
Snowman tree up this month and your wonderful snowman is front and center. I hate to take the other two ornaments off his Christmas tree (Yes we keep our trees up for most of January) so I might save all and make a tree with only your ornaments.

Hugs to you dear friend, Roberta

Patty Benedict said...

I had two email comments from my friend Sharon K. and my sister Kathy...I will include them both in the giveaway.
Thank you for all the REALLY nice Comments!!!
Bugs & hisses

Cheryl said...

Patty-Your Valentine Skeleton is as amazing as all your other creations. My Black and White Snowman tree is still up in my foyer where everyone can see it first thing when they walk in. Please register me for the drawing. He is wonderful, the T-shirt is sooo cute that I may have to get one, and hey, Happy, Happy January birthday.
Love ya-Cheryl

Renee said...

I love the Pink Skully and would love to give her a loving home. Crossing my bones, wish me luck.

by the way, love reading your posts. I'm peeping in thrice a week to check for news.
bye bye

Renée (all the way from Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Lauren said...

I would LOVE to add this to my halloween tree that I got from you and keep up in my room year-round -and PINK is my FAVORITE color! This is soooo cute. I love this blog - it's good to see there are other Halloween fanatics out there. My hubby doesn't understand!

Patty Benedict said...

Renée (all the way from Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

I'm sooo excited your checking out my blog!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Bugs & Hisses

adelesspookyart said...

I would Love to own one of your Wonderfully SpOOky Creations!!..I will Give Skelly a Good Home!!


Spiderwrulf said...

That is Soooooo Day of the Dead!! I love it!! ~wrulf said...

Please put me in the drawing! That skelly is soo cute! You're very talented.

Rosanna said...

Your miniatures are just wonderful. I would be honored if you entered my name in your drawing.


dkraskal said...

My favorite artist! You have added more season's to your sculptures. I just love all your Halloween art, and I am so glad you added Christmas and Valentine's Day to the holiday list. I love everything that I have of yours and will continue to collect from you throughout the years. Thanks for all your beautiful work!!

Anonymous said...

WOW Patty your stuff is so nice. LOVE this pink skellie and it would be such a great valentines display in my china cabinette.... So glad you posted your site.. I love your stuff ~ Pat nypdwife from the 365days of Halloween group

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty,
Please add my name in the giveaway . You know I love all your creepy ornaments and would love to add her to the family!
Barbara--- Mookye

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty!

This is the first time I've checked out your blog. Happy belated birthday! I would love to be put in the drawing for your super cute Valentine girl :0) She would look great with the other 2 guys I bought from you on eBay! Also, I'm going to have to see if the Target here has that shirt...I NEED ONE!!! lol

Jess Nusbaum

Laume said...

He's adorable - I'd like a chance to win.