Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"There are such things"

We hope the memory of Dracula won’t give you bad dreams, so just a word of reassurance.
When you get home tonight and the lights are turned out and you’re afraid to look behind the curtains and you dread to see a face appear at the window - just pull yourself together and remember. After all - There are such things!

Final words of the movie “Dracula” 1931

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My orange roses and lucy

I just wanted to post a photo of Me and my 13 year old lab mix "Lucy." Lucy sits right by me when I garden...but hates to have her photo taken! I found these GREAT orange roses a KMart for $8.99 each. LOVE the bright orange color!!!!!

Off to my studio to sculpt! I'll garden more this weekend!
Bugs & Hisses

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gardening with my Cat Cobweb!!!!!

Gardening with my Cat Cobweb

As some of my friends know, I adopted a stray kitten July 13, 2007 (Friday the 13th). She was very tiny and covered in cobwebs . . . that’s how she received her name. She was a very sick little kitten, full of ringworm, tapeworms and other yucky stuff. I had to quarantine her for almost three months from our other pets. My daughter Annie and I also received ringworm from our adorable little kitten. My husband quarantined ME! LOL!!! I had to bathe her in special meditated soap and NOW she LOVES the water! She is also a hugger, Snuggles under your chin and around your neck.
Now on to Cobweb and my garden... We purchased two Black knight butterfly bushes for my Halloween garden. I have not been able to till and needed to get them in the ground! So Gan dug two holes and guess who jumped right into the hole, went crazy rolling around and attacking dirt YES! Cobweb! Gan grabbed the camera and took some photos, just had to share them!

Bugs & Hisses

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Time to design my Halloween Garden!

I live in a wonderful old brick 1930's Tudor style home in Downtown Saint Joseph, Missouri. I have two flower gardens, one in the front yard and one in the backyard. I’m just now starting to plant my Halloween theme Garden . . . I’m so excited!
Because I don’t use pesticides, I have an animal friendly garden and lawn. My two-year-old Harrier mix dog “Lillian Munster” likes to dig and run all over the back yard soooo it’s a mess!!! This year we are going to try SOD in the backyard and see if it will last better then last year attempts (Grass seed). I have ordered some wonderful flower seeds from Johnny’s select Seeds, four different types of sunflowers for the birds and a NEW deep orange snapdragon. I will be going to the Kansas city farmer’s market every Saturday hunting for the right Halloween flower/plant for my garden. I’m also going to order some of the plants off Kristen’s website( the link is on my blog). Because of the cold weather this Spring, I’m way behind on planting!!! I’ll keep you updated as my Garden grows!

Bugs & Hisses

P.S. The photo is of my beautiful Columbine it’s the Colorado State flower, I’m originally from Colorado. Also, a photo of my garden MONSTER Lillian!! She loves to lie on my old Halloween rug!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Disco Inferno...My fun NEW Halloween piece

Burn baby burn! - Disco inferno!
Burn baby burn! - Burn that mama down
Burn baby burn! - Disco inferno!
Burn baby burn! - Burn that mama down

Get down with the Grandmaster Funk of the underworld! As his Dancing flames disco out to "Burn Baby Burn" by the Trammps.
YES!!! I was a disco Queen!! I still have my skin tight GOLD metallic pants! I use to dance almost every night in the late 1970's at the Odyssey in Colorado Springs. I had SOOO much fun designing and sculpting this fun Halloween piece I will be listing it tonight on ends May 12, 2008!