Wednesday, October 24, 2007

San Diego Fires

I have been emailing my cousin Carol about the fires...My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by this devastation. I have posted Carols letter, my Uncle Jerry probably lost his home but as of this morning we have not hear from him.

"We are ok for now. It is difficult to get my brain around the enormity of this fire. 500,000+ homes evacuated is unbelievable. 2,000+ homes gone. We felt pretty good about our part of town during the day, but I am now smelling smoke and seeing it, plus hearing the planes making drops somewhere close. I can not get any news from the tv, or the net. So, we are holding our breath.

What do you hear from Uncle Jerry? Don't know what area of Rancho Bernardo he is in. My cousin Jerry and fam. who live in R.B. are ok, but some folks aren't so lucky.

Every few minutes, the tv shows a new fire area. It is just overwhelming.

Thanks for checking in... Love, Carole"


Emily said...

Hi, Patty~
I totally understand how you feel about the's shocking to think 500,000 people are homeless right now. I worry for friends as well... I hope many of them are safe.

Todaysgold said...

Hi Patty, SPOOKTACULAR & BEWITCHING BLOG SITE!!! Thank you for your concerns about the firestorms here in CA. It's so scary! Our important papers, photos, cat & dog pet taxi's are waiting at the front door. I hope your uncle's house is not one of the Rancho Bernardo homes that perished in the Witch Creek firestorm. It's like an apocalyptic scene with entire streets leveled, cars reduced to charred hulks of metal & homes with only chimneys left standing.

I emailed you too because my post was not showing up. Thanks again also for linking me & posting!

On a happier note I LOVE your hair & kitty Cobweb!!!

Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

Kitty Forseth said...

Welcome to BlogLand Patty!!

Yes, the fires are unbelievable.. so scary and heart wrenching..

Thank you for all you do for us "EHAGS"!! You know we all love you!!