Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yadiloh Ornaments

Here are some photos of my "Yadiloh Chenilles" I list new ornaments every week on eBay. You can find me by searching for "Pat Benedict" or under my sellers name woopitydooart.
Off to sculpt!!


Christopher said...

Great new ornies Patty!! Kewl stuff!

Ehag Chris :)

Holiday Queen said...

Welcome to blogland Patty! Love the ornaments!Melissa

Patty Benedict said...

Thanks Chris and Melissa!!! I feel so strange Blogging, i'm sure the more i blog the more I'll get use to it.

Off to learn more about this BIG Blogland!

DesignsbyCK said...

Patty, I LOVE the new changes and blog layout. :)


Random York said...

HI Patty! It's great to visit your blog and learn more about you and your art! It looks GREAT!