Friday, October 26, 2007

The Bordello Of Blood in Kansas City

We had a great Time at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival , Phantom's Feaste "Bordello of Blood". My husband Gan REALLY loved it!! Lots of Cleavage and Vampires! Enjoy the photos!!

The Vampires welcome us!!

Inside the Bordello. The violin player walks around playing a haunted tune. They have slaves for blood!

The Vamps look for fresh meat!!!

Time for dinner and the play

One Vamp looks at Gan!!

The Head Vampire LIKES Gan!!

She REALLY LIKES GAN!!!! She gave Gan a HUGE Hickey!! LOL!

Happy Halloween!!


DesignsbyCK said...

GREAT pics Patty! Looks like Gan had a good time. Did you get dressed up?, there are no pics of you (probably because you were taking the pics)! '-)

Looks like fun, the vampire costumes were elaborate and colorful! That slave pic was interesting! hehe


Jennifer said...

Hi Patty,
The Bordello of Blood looked like a ton of fun! Love the pictures. We have something similar near here in the catacombs of an old brewery. I have never gone yet though (costs a lot).

Thanks so much for commenting on my pumpkin. Happy Haunting! Jennifer