Wednesday, June 3, 2009

eBay pricing mistake

Hi All
I just wanted to let you all know, I messed up my "Corpse Couple" auction price!!! It was to be a 5 day auction starting tonight at $49.99...I used an old auction template forgot to change the pricing and it sold for a "Buy it NOW" for $49.99!!!!
I'm just sick about it...BUT Live and learn!

Bugs & hisses


essie said...

O no!!!!!!!!
How awful for you and what an extremely luck for the buyer.
That is a super bargain for him/her.

Patty Benedict said...

Thank you Essie for your support!!!! It sold to a wonderful collector and YES she recived a great bargain!! OH well!!! It's a new day and I'm up early (2:30AM) painting more coffins and finishing up some NEW ornaments. Hope to have some listed on eBay.
Bugs & hisses

Lisa said...

Ah, but maybe more collectors will pop in to see what kind of deal you've got!!!


Creager Studios said...

OH NO PATTY...........I live in absolute fear of that happening...I am so surprised that the buyer did not realize it HAD to be a mistake and let you cancel it....I would have.
But you have a good attitude about it...thus you will have good Karma and sell your next for double of what you would like to get...
Good things come to good people!


Tracy M. said...

Oh no! Someone got a sweet deal!
Take care,
Tracy M.