Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NEW Tiny Tealights On eBay tonight !

I'm having so much fun with my NEW design Tiny Tealights!

My NEW Tiny Tealight Haunted miniature is versatile...they can be displayed in a Haunted dollhouse or in your Halloween decor. The Witch and the full Halloween Moon are supported by a wire on Flameless LED Tealights. The Tealights will illuminate the little miniatures...they can also be gently posed. The little Witch riding her broom is only 4" displayed on a 6 3/4" tall wire. The Full Halloween Moon is 1 3/4" round and is 7 1/8" in height.

The Witch and moon are OOAK (One of a kind) hand sculpted(No molds are ever used in my art) Signed and dated By Artist Pat benedict ...Woopitydooart


The Old Maid said...

They all look so good together!

Jorge de Rojas said...

Pat, these are so much fun. I think you hit on something.

Light and Shadow Studio said...

You are having fun! I like the witch best of all. Just keep on having fun, love seeing what you come up with next! Tammy

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Hi Patty - thanks for stopping by my blog - you know I am a big fan of both you and your work!
Any chance of you paying us a visit at the spookytime soiree in October?