Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Please Adopt Black dogs!

“To appreciate a diamond, the surface must be pierced to release the dazzling display of color that can come from its heart; but to appreciate the pearl, the eye must simply gaze upon its surface to behold its soft color and peaceful beauty". ~Alain Boucheron~
Black dogs are the black pearl of the dog world!

After reading a story in our local news paper, I could not believe that Black Dogs are not being adopted from shelters!!!! We LOVE our little black lab puppy Elvira! and she is soooo sweet!!!!
Please visit this site for more information on Black dog adoption group!


Here is a new photo of our puppy Elvira in her kennel getting ready for bed and Our three girls Lucy 13 years old, Lillian 2 years old and Elvira 13 weeks old. It's none stop chewy bone war!!! We just LOVE our girls!!!!

Bugs & Hisses


Melissa said...

She's a beauty! I, too am the proud mommy of a black dog as well. Don't ya just LOVE them?!

Anonymous said...

Hello Elvira, Patty and all!!!
Thanks for your shout-out to all about how wonderful our black pearly dogs truly are!!! Great to have you in the village and appreciate every bit you are doing to raise awareness!! I know you and Elvira are going to be wonderful ambassadors for the awareness of adopting an animal based on a personality and lifestyle match not just the cute factor or breed factor. Elvira....darling you are adorable and so glad you are found, loved and kept close to a heart.
Tamara and Jakey-dog www.blackpearldogs.com

Designs by CK said...

Love black doggies! Elvira is SOOO cute! :)


Leah Stone Art said...

Cute pics Patty! Puppies are a hand full aren't they, but SO much fun! My puppies are growing leaps and bounds. Your garden ornaments are way cool!


Jackie said...

Love your black puppy. Our black puppy is 170lbs now...yes you read that right. We have a lab mix (we think newfindland sp?) He is 10 now, but was a rescue for that reason. No one adopts black puppies...very sad. He has been a great addition to our family Hope puppy training is going well :) Have a great day, Jackie

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Love your 3 dogs, thanks for adopting ! I rescue mutts. ;) Great blog too. Oh and your works awesome !! :)~~Pam