Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sad news and a fresh start

It is with great sadness to announcing I’m stepping down as the leader and Member of EHAG Eclectic Halloween Artist Group. I'm leaving due to creative differences, EHAG has become a wonderful group of Halloween folk artists . . . I just don’t fit into a folk art group. I have always loved the macabre, quirky, ghoulish, creepy and sometimes a little morbid dark humor and art.

I wish EHAG members all the best and I know with their new leadership they will grow into a bigger and better Halloween artist group. We will probably see them next year in a major magazine! Visit the EHAG artist link on my blog to view all the EHAG artist Halloween art news.

I will still be working every day in my Halloween studio creating some crazy doll or ornament and I hope to start selling on my Etsy site. Next year will be GREAT! I already have designs in my head and will be marketing my creepy goodies to some great little shops in the Kansas City area. I have been turned down three times by Dept. 56 as a designer . . . Maybe that’s a good thing! So I will keep sculpting my one of a kind Halloween goodies with just a touch of more creepy added to them.

Bugs & Hisses

FYI: For a very limited time I will be creating Holiday Ornaments and listing them as "Buy it now" on eBay. Watch for more unique OOAK Holiday ornaments and gifts designed by me.


Jodi said...

Hello Patty...

That is indeed Sad News about your leaving EHAG.... Specially since EHAG was Your Idea and You formed the whole group and got them going in a great direction by joining up a group of wonderful artists.
But you have left your mark on this group... you will not...can not be forgotten. I am sure you will soar with your Art and go in many new wonderful directions now...Looking forward to seeing your New Etsy Gallery. All the Best to You...
Jodi Creager

Designs by CK said...

Patty ~ Jodi said everything I was going to say!

I will miss you dearly SpOOky lady!!!

Best Always,


Sweet B Folk Art said...


I was dismayed to hear that you are leaving - you were one of the main reasons I applied to EHAG. You are right about Dept. 56 - their stuff is really cute - but your one of a kind pieces are so wonderful - all of that would be lost by going commercial. Keep it original and unique - that is what makes your work so amazing.

I will be following your progress next year. I have a feeling 2009 will be a banner year for you!

- Sweet B