Friday, February 6, 2009

Calling all creative writers!

My first Monster for the monster poem book... #1 Skeleton with Rotten teeth

Calling all creative writers! I have a monster of a problem! I'm creating a monster poetry book and I need your poems. They need to be original and fun! They can contain adult humor and gore, but please keep it to a minimum (for the sake of small readers).

I will post a photo on my blog of one of my monsters with a little description about the piece...then you can post your poems on my blog or email them to me at attn: monster poem (please include the monster number). The deadline for all poems will be May 1, 2009. The winning poems will receive author credit in the published book. Please note that I will retain the rights to the book.
I will have a group of judges to help select the poems for the book. Also, the winning writers will have to sign some legal documents before I can publish your poem (I just hate legal crap). I hope to have the book published before/around Halloween 2009. Good luck!

Bugs & Hisses


Designs By CK said...

COOL ~ I am SO tickled for you with the new book prospect!

Let me sleep on it (in my coffin) for awhile...I might surprise U with a submission! ;-)

Have a great weekend SpOOky lady!


Me (-:

Lisa said...

I have been looking for you for awhile and couldn't find you...yes I've been watching you create. Though I don't have a blog (yet), I would like to try and help you out. I'm still navigating my way around the world of blogs. But I have been known to come up with a line or 2 once in while.