Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Works in progress & not enough time in the day

I will be late with my Spookytimejingels Halloween creations.

I have been spending a lot of my time at community meetings for our challenged neighborhood
We are making great positive progress and hope to start up a “Neighborhood pride” program. I’m also on the board of the Puppetry Arts Institute . . . I create all the museum displays at the end on the month AND This year I have taken on the Cities “Trail West “ festival and volunteered to decorate the ground . . . that is happening next week AGHHHHHHH!!!

I have been working on a large piece that should be finished this weekend and posted on eBay. I also purchased a really cool old dollhouse I will spook up and sell probably in September. I hope to have very exciting news soon about a magazine publication . . . I’ll keep you posted on its publication date. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed!


Creager Studios said...

Looks VERY cool Patty...can't wait to see it all finished. We are working 'Batty' right now as well...must be the season...LOL! are a busy girl...Good for you...I think that is wonderful to be involvd with community projects ...wish I had more time...

Big Hugs

julie campbell said...

sounds like you are having a really busy but incredibly exciting time ! Keeping my fingers crossed for the magazine thing and wishing you good luck for everything else youre trying to fit in !
That house will spook up wonderfully :0)
julie xx

MarZel said...

Wow...loved the pictures. Glad your are busy...that is a good thing!! Smiles

Designs By CK said...

Is that a haunted house WIP I see??? '-)

Popping in to say hello & wish you a lovely weekend.

Chris :-)

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

I have wanted to do a haunted dollhouse for years, I know yours will be the best ever made! I cannot wait to see it!!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

man, could you possibly add another single item to that already LONG list?!? I'm a bitty sleepy just thinking about it.

I think that dollhouse is going to spook up brilliantly! have fun with it. :)

(I'll cross my toes & fingers for you, too)