Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tiny Tealight Vampire w/ Bats on eBay tonight

My NEW Haunted miniature is versatile...they can be displayed in a Haunted dollhouse or in your Halloween decor. The Vampire and his Bats are supported by a wire on Flameless LED Tealights. The Tealights will illuminate the little Vampire and Bats...they can also be gently posed. The little Vampire is only 3" long total height with base and tip of fingers is 6 1/4" tall. The bats base with wire is 6 1/4" tall but the bats can be posed at different heights...their tiny wings can also be posed.

The Vampire ready to take flight is OOAK (One of a kind) hand sculpted(No molds are ever used in my art) The piece is signed and dated 2010 by me . . . Miniature artist Pat Benedict . . . Woopitydooart.


Sweet B Folk Art said...

So tiny, So perfect.... well done lady


MarZel said...

What a great idea. That light will really make them stand out in the dark.... Nice detail!!

Dirgesinger said...

He looks so happy:)

The Old Maid said...

How cool they are!! Another great scene!:)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh how cute. I'm finally back home and came to see what new creations you had been working on. I love the tealights!

Kathy said...

I love them! What a great way to jazz up plain tea lights.

Bright blessings,