Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My NEW witch and her Monster plants By Pat Benedict woopitydooart

Verbena Rudbeckia and her Monster plants

Verbena is ready to travel to the Halloween farmers market with her Halloween Monster plants. New this year is Boogonia and the Paranormal Phantom that glows in the dark. She also has three Nasty newborn Nigella’s, Two Bat wing great for your terrifying trellis, eyeball Cardoon, Poisonous Pansy, Red Blood Orchard and the Terrible Two headed Sunflower . Her festive Halloween wagon is all decorated for the trip...even her bats are going!

I had so much fun creating this unique one of a kind piece...Can you tell I have spring fever and want to start my gardening! I found a wonderful vintage Italian souvenir wagon and turned it into my Halloween wagon. It is old and shows wear but it really adds to the theme. The wagon and horse are 12" long and to the top of the horses ears it’s 6 ½" tall. Verbena is 5 ½" tall without her hat...she has fun red/orange hair. She arms can be posed and she can hold different plants. Due to the many hours I spent on this unique set I will have to start the bidding off high.Happy Haunted Spring! Patty