Friday, November 16, 2007

My new Hair-do

Crazy Hair day!!

Throughout my whole 27 years of marriage I did not color my hair. Then last spring I went NUTS!! And I’m loving it!! I found this wonderful little Hair Stylist Megan Thomas from the Hair Fair Ltd II( she is the one in the front of the photo at the “Halloween art spooktacular” ) Yesterday I changed my color AGAIN and it’s really cool and different. I went from Pink, dark brown and a little purple to Titanium, golden brown and a little blue! Megan also styled my hair into a really cool short cut! I just LOVE her style she is like an artist and gets so excited sculpting and coloring my hair. I’m going through a creative change right now . . . I’m creating an ALL Pink Christmas, Changing all my clothing into vintage and bright colors, redecorating my house! I’m going creative-Bananas!

Change is scary but for me it’s necessary sooo I can keep my creative juices fresh!!!

Happy CREATIVE Friday!


DesignsbyCK said...

Sounds FUN Patty and excited for you! SO when are we going to see a pic of the new do???

PS: Great pics here and your hair stylist sounds great.

Curious Chris '-)

Johanna Parker said...

Good for you Patty!!!...Change is good, and adding creative spunk along with it is even better... I want to see a pic of the new do!..

~ Johanna

Patty Benedict said...

Hi Chris and Johanna

YES!! Change is good !

I'll try to post some photos of my new-do.
Happy Turkey DAY!!!